The Importance Of Page Rank

What is page rank and why is it important? You may have come across some articles and websites claiming the page rank is not as important as experts make it sound, but don’t be fooled by such claims. Your page rank is a vital component of finding out how well loved you are among your site visitors.

Search engines appraise your website founded on numerous standards. Once you abide by these measures, search engines specify a rate to your site, which converts to your page rank. Google innovated the PageRankTM and the page rank property is frequently reasoned according to what they have designated, which is similar and adopted all over.

First of all, let’s see why the page rank is so significant to a website. Essentially, your website’s page rank increases your site’s importance among the search engine listings. A website with a higher ranking gets a higher priority among the results given on a particular related search query.

If you appear in the top ten, you are more likely to get visited by the searcher. Google ranks web pages from a scale of 1 to 10 and every website starts with a 0. The more you keep improving your ranking, the more important you look to Google.

How do you get a suitable page rank? It’s not that easy, but with some effort, you can get there over some time. A website’s page rank is decided by evaluating the external sites linking to it. So, if a site with a page rank of 7 links to your website, you will be thought of as more important. These backlinks are very valuable and by getting such links, the page ranking ‘worthiness’ is slightly distributed among linked sites as well.

If you have many websites over the PageRank of 5 linking to your site, then your site will gain a good reputation over a period of time and Google will eventually ensure your site is also ranked similarly. Lower ranked sites also matter, but not as much as the higher ranked ones.

Getting a page ranks requires you to get websites to link to you. Writing high quality content on your site pages will get your more noticed by other high quality websites and they will link to you. Link to some important sites too and over time, more sites will start linking to you as well. Never buy links, though, because your genuine reputation is not imperative through bought links and Google will eventually find out what you’ve done and lower your rank.

If you install a free page rank checker button on your website, you can improve your site’s ranking throughout the years by constantly modifying it to peak the interest of important websites.